compouning.pngCompounding Pharmacy

Compounding is the art of preparing specific and unique medications by prescription that are not available commercially for individual patients. It is an invaluable way to help a patient and/or physician to individualize therapy even after the usual routes have been exhausted.

Compounding can include:

  • developing an extremely small dose of a medicine which is available for adults but needed for a newborn
  • making a capsule/medication for patients with allergies to an additive or dye in a tablet, without the colouring or additive
  • preparing a specialized topical pain gel by combining several different medications
  • sourcing or making discontinued or unavailable medications
  • finding solutions to problems  where it may seem that nothing else is available. Experienced compounders can in consultation with your physician solve problems to which there may seem to be no solution.
  • modifying ready-made prescription items (ex. flavouring liquid preparations*)

Our compounded  prescription are established with approval of the patient, doctor and pharmacist in what is called a triad. Input from all of these sources aids success.

At Delta Prescription Clinic we can offer a choice that your typical pharmacy can't.

*Additional charges may apply